Our History

It all began with the Rural Electrification Act and President Franklin D. Roosevelt in the 1930s. The Act put funds in place for farmers to begin building their own electric lines to farms and homes in the rural areas. These areas had not seen the expansion of privately-owned utilities and municipalities who felt the profit potential was not worth the investment needed to set poles, string wires and deliver electricity.

So, the federal government financially backed the people in the rural areas allowing them to organize into cooperatives to buy and supply electric power to themselves. As cooperatives, the people buying the electricity would also own the provider of the electricity.

Now Southern Indiana Power is one of 17 cooperatives in southern Indiana generating and buying electricity as a unit known as Hoosier Energy. Hoosier Energy is located in Bloomington, Indiana.

Southern Indiana Power supplies electric power to over 8,500 homes and businesses in the rural areas of Perry, Spencer, southern Dubois and eastern Warrick counties. We maintain over 1,500 miles of power line.

We've gone through some significant changes over the years. One of the most recent was our name change. On June 20, 2008, Southern Indiana Rural Electric Cooperative, Inc. became SOUTHERN INDIANA POWER.

How We're Organized

There are four main departments at Southern Indiana Power: Office, Engineering, Operations, and Membership Services (Marketing).

Office - Our office employees have the most interaction with the general public. Our office does all billing, communicates to members who visit or call the office, takes payments, corrects bills, answers billing questions, does our internal record keeping and finance work and handles all the other day-to-day administrative work needed to run the cooperative.

Engineering - Any time a member installs a new electric service or adds a service, they talk to our engineering department. This department gathers information, plans and coordinates adding new services to our cooperative. Our engineering department has a system engineer, two staking engineers and an administrative assistant. Our system engineer maintains all the information by computer about our different line sections, substations, loads, and occasional problems. Our staking engineers inspect potential new projects to determine what equipment is needed and what work must be done to bring the new service on-line.

Operations - The people from our operations department are the ones you see along the roads working on electric lines and poles. They are trained to operate a variety of equipment, and are easily identified by our company logo on their uniforms and vehicles. When a new electric service is installed, or a member adds a security light, or there’s an outage, these are the hardworking people you can see any time of the day, in any kind of weather, doing all they can to keep your electric service reliable.

Membership services and marketing - This department provides information about our electric services but also about the many additional products and services we offer to our customers. Special information in your monthly bill, The Electric Consumer, direct mailings with tips to save money on your electric bills and energy efficient ideas all come from this department.

The employees that make up these four departments have been trained to provide you with the exceptional service you expect and deserve.

PO Box 219
1776 10th Street
Tell City, Indiana 47586

FAX: 812-547-6853